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Every competition has rules. We try to keep ours as simple as possible.

Follow these easy guidelines and you can't go wrong. If you get stuck, please email the show chair at and we'll try to get your questions answered as soon as we can

  1. Only student work is eligible.

    Any piece entered into the National Student Show must have been produced by a student that is currently attending an accredited college, university or art school. All work must have been produced as part of a school's curriculum between March 2016-February 2017 with the exception of work entered as a portfolio. Work produced as freelance or at an internship is not eligible.

  2. Enter as many pieces as you see fit.

    You'll be competing with students from around the country, so we encourage you to enter only your best work. But, there is no limit to the number of entries allowed per student or per school.

  3. Only enter your own work.

    All pieces submitted to the show must have been created by one individual student, or by one student acting as "art director" for a project who has enlisted help from fellow students (for photography, illustration, copywriting, etc.). All work produced as a group project must be entered only once in the "Group Projects" category (no. 20).

  4. Entries must be received in the correct format.

    1. For logos: center work on a vertical 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper with short description below. For logo series, put all logos on a single sheet.

    2. For print design, environmental design and print advertising: all entries must be submitted as printed entries. No slides will be accepted.

    3. For interactive design: submit a URL for live work and printouts (these will be used to verify that the URL is correct and will not be presented at judging.)

    4. For app design: submit up to six printed screen shots and a short description of the app.

    5. For photography and illustration: all entries must be submitted as printouts. Do not send original photographs or illustrations, as they cannot be returned. No slides will be accepted.

    6. For Richard Patrick Memorial Scholarship:
      Applicants interested in submitting work to this category must meet the following criteria:

      • Must be either a Photography major or minor
      • Must have a minimum GPA of 2.5.

      Applicants will be required to submit a letter signed by the department head on official university letterhead verifying eligibility to the address listed at the bottom of this page.

      Work must be submitted as .jpeg, .pdf and/or .tiff to Entries larger than 2000px on the longest axis will not be accepted. Be sure to adhere to proper naming conventions outlined below when submitting work digitally. No printouts or physical copies of images will be accepted for entry into this category.

    7. For industrial design: send photos or printouts of your submissions. No slides will be accepted.

    8. For all work to be viewed on screen: Upload your clearly marked video file to the following URL: All uncompressed files, and files over 1gb will be disqualified. Flash drives containing video files will be accepted. To avoid lost entries, submit each piece on a separate drive. Please ensure your uploaded files adhere to the file naming conventions outlined in sub-item 10 below.

    9. Video size and format: All video entries should encoded with an H264 codec (directions for encoding with Quicktime) and be either 720x480 if it is a 4:3(standard definition) video or 1280x720 if it is 16:9 (high definition).

    10. File naming Conventions: File names must be in this format: TrackingNumber_ShortTitle.ext. The registration number is found on the tracking tag provided for printout. For example,

  5. Please remember that due to the volume of submissions, work will not be returned.

  6. There is no requirement to mount your work.

    You may present your work in the best format you see fit, (except slides, see above). Because shipping heavy black boards gets expensive – we would like you to save your money for the conference, and we do not require you to mount each of your pieces. We encourage you to send flat printouts of each piece or photos of dimensional pieces such as packaging or industrial design. Please remember that due to the volume of submissions, work will not be returned.

  7. Entries must be received on time.

    The deadline for all entries is Thursday, February 16, 2017. No exceptions.

  8. Each entry must be accompanied by a completed entry form receipt taped securely to the back of your entry.

    Any entry received without a receipt attached will be disqualified.

  9. Follow the instructions on the entry form receipt closely.

    Fill out one entry form for each entry. For campaigns be sure to indicate how many pieces are included, and secure them together in a separate envelope (no paper clips, please).

  10. Legibly print all information.

    If the entry title does not adequately explain the assignment, feel free to include a brief explanation on the form.

  11. Work should not be openly attributed

    Do not display the your name or the name of your school in your work unless it is part of the design. (ie. senior exit show poster, self branding). This is to help insure that our judges have an unbiased opinion when selecting winners.

  12. On the outside of the entry package, you must clearly write "National Student Show", your first and last name, and the name of your school.

    National Student Show
    John Smith
    Yale University

  13. Ship your packages to:

    ATTN: National Student Show
    400 N. Saint Paul St.
    Suite 715
    Dallas, TX 75201