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Each year, NSSC selects industry leaders from across the nation to judge student work.
Coming from diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise, our well-rounded judging panels ensure a high quality show.

Past judges of NSSC

For over a decade, NSSC has featured incredible creative professionals to judge student work.

How Judging Works

Judges are selected to represent a diverse pool of knowledge, expertise, and points of view. To maintain impartiality, judges must not have taught at a collegiate level for the past three years. Judges review student work without knowledge of school association.

Prizes are made available for each category. However, categories are NOT guaranteed a winner if judges deem that the submitted work in the category is lacking. Judges may move work to a different category if they deem the content applicable. Judges may also choose to cull work from a submitted series of pieces and accept only certain pieces. Affected entrants will be notified of such changes.