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October 1, 2018
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Showcase of International Fashion Artists (SIFA)
Mark Baker-Sanchez
University of North Texas

Description: The Showcase of International Fashion Artists (SIFA) is a non-profit organization connecting the fashion industry-young designers and professionally prolific designers alike-with impoverished communities around the world to help provide development, socio-economic relief, and to facilitate cultural preservation. This is accomplished by hosting an annual fashion show where global artists have the opportunity to showcase and sell their cultural designs-garments, jewelry, accessories, bags, etc. All proceeds are given to the struggling communities that these artists reside in an effort to make necessary resources more accessible. The website incorporates eye-catching imagery (fashion photography and documentary photography), purposeful writing, stylish type, and well-considered negative space: these elements and principles are combined to further emphasize the idea that fashion is a viable and responsible mechanism for cultural preservation and empowerment. Art Direction: Mark Baker-Sanchez (submitting student); Landing page footage and Lookbook page imagery was styled, directed, and captured by myself. *Special thanks to Michael Gibson for believing in my concept, pushing me to refine its every aspect, and for always advising me on how to be a better art director. *Special thanks to participating models Tim D., Andrea Fofanah, Vanessa Morgan, and Erica Talley. *Special thanks to Lorraine Ning for granting me access to her photography studio. Non-student produced assets courtesy of Sam Buriss (, Naganath Chiluveru (, Avel Chuklanov (, Trevor Cole (, Nick DeLieto (,, Slim Emcee (, Charles Etoroma (, (Fendi), Saksham Gangwar (, Nicholas Green (, Pravan Gupta (, (Getty Images), Peter Hershey (, Alex Holyoake (, Brunel Johnson (, Loren Joseph (, L’Officiel Italia (, Ovayo Ntlabati (, Ayo Ogunseinde (, Clem Onojeghuo (, Igor Ovsyannykov (, Craig Philbrick (, Alexandr Podvalny (,, Drew Roberts (, Madi Robson (, Anes Sabitovic (, Nathaniel Tetteh (, Tim Trad (, Hust Wilson (, and Ilya Yakover ( Non-student produced writing courtesy of Sarah Mower (Chief Critic, and Typography: Crimson Text designed by Sebastian Kosch (; Playfair Display designed by Claus Eggers Sørensen (; Poppins designed by Indian Type Foundry (