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October 1, 2018
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Moriah Hengst
Oklahoma State University

Gwendolyn is the story of a little British girl sent to the US to escape the 1940's blitz of London. The words of the song are symbolic of the character’s story. The rain equals falling bombs, the flowers are the Americans offering shelter to the little girl, who is a butterfly. The headlines are designed to be a child’s interpretation of real headlines. The falling bombs of the blitz inspired explosive transitions and shattering text. The botanical illustrations add a bit of childhood whimsy and are a reference to Gwen’s father, who is a botanist at Oxford. Song: Butterflies In The Rain by Jack Payne & His Band Images: Courtesy of Pexels, Biodiversity Heritage Library, The Immperial War Museum, and WW2 People’s War, which can be found at Footage: Operation Pied Piper published by the November Club and Black Saturday; the bombing of London’s docks in WWII, produced and directed by Mark Whatmore