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October 1, 2018
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XXV International Congress Of Entomology poster
Karina Pérez-Fajardo
Texas A&M University - Commerce

The XXV International Congress of Entomology called for a poster related to their year's conference theme: Entomology Without Borders. Taking inspiration from their theme, a 24 by 36-inch poster with a map of the world is depicted using insects from six of the major insect family orders. Each country is distinguished by a specific duotone color applied to high resolution black and white photography* that was carefully cleaned up. A bright cyan duotone treatment is applied to the insect located over Orlando, Florida, highlighting the location of the event. It was important to depict the insects varied because not one insect is original to just one location/country-there literally are no borders to insects and their habitat tendencies. *The photography used in this poster was obtained from lots of places all over the internet. None of it is purchased or stock photography. I erased the backgrounds, cleaned them up, changed them to grayscale and stylized them individually.