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Kiosk 59: The Coming of Age edition
Lauren Hakmiller
University of Kansas

The 59th issue of Kiosk is The Coming Of Age edition. No one knows how to grow up. As we age, we are thrust unwarned and unguided into the world. We stumble, lose our footing, fall down. Our moments are messy and awkward, wild and unforgettable. In this edition of Kiosk, we confront the unsophisticated, the undistinguished, the uncomfortable. We embrace the art that's transforming: knock-kneed, feet-too-big, growing into itself. We relive it and tell it with love. Creative Directors and Designers — Lauren Hakmiller and Michael Zager Designers — Alyssa Engel, Jordan Graham, Cole Drees Literary Editors — Jamie Hawley & Kelly Werther Photographer — Lauren Hakmiller Printer — Allen Press, Inc.