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Mark Baker-Sanchez
University of North Texas

Description: DONE challenges idealistic perceptions and standards of beauty within the fashion industry. We no longer conform. We are done. The target audience is primarily millennials who are self-inventive, tech savvy, and nonconforming. However, the audience includes anyone interested in social change. The purpose of the Social Constructs campaign is to bring awareness to issues including body image and emotional stress perpetuated by the status quo. Graphical and confrontational photography is used to grab viewers’ attention. These are advertised through social media, metropolitan landscapes, and a digital publication. As part of the campaign, DONE is translated into a digital publication created for and by the underrepresented. To convey truth, photography is used over illustration as it shows what’s real. Black and white allows focus on the content without influence. Through poignant writing, DONE highlights issues of discrimination. It raises cultural awareness and provides a presence for the unknown. Art Direction: Mark Baker-Sanchez (submitting student). Photograph for "Social Constructs Restrict Self-Acceptance" shot in collaboration with Zoe Martinez. All other photography in the Social Constructs campaign was shot by myself. *Special thanks to Stephen Zhang for encouraging me to shine a light on tokenism, racism, and mental health within the fashion industry through this project. *Special thanks to participating models Savanna Rae Cole, Zoe Martinez, and Alex Slim. Non-student produced assets courtesy of Kim Weston Arnold (vogue.com), Jon Bodsworth (commons.wikimedia.org), Nick DeLieto (dazeddigital.com), Fendi (fendi.com), PixelFormula (pixelformula.com), Andrii Vergeles (123rf.com), and Villa Eugénie (villaeugenie.com). Citations for student copywriting courtesy of Jeff Chang (Author, Who We Be: The Colorization of America), Vanessa Friedman (Fashion Director and Chief Fashion Critic, nytimes.com), Jeena Sharma (Beauty Reporter, papermag.com), and Women’s Wear Daily (wwd.com). Typography: Bebas Neue designed by Ryoichi Tsunekawa (fontsquirrel.com) and Adobe Caslon Pro designed by Carol Twombly (fonts.adobe.com). Bebas Neue is powerful and reminiscent of protest posters. Despite having a blunt nature, DONE is responsible and intellectual. Multiple angles of an issue are evaluated while facts are checked and come from reliable sources. Therefore, Adobe Caslon Pro is used to provide a sense of sophistication and knowledge.