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Sarah Fabian
Oklahoma State University

This title sequence was created for a made-up television series based on the book by Megan Miranda, All the missing girls. The elusive and eerie novel takes place in a small rural town called Cooley Ridge. The main character ( Nic ) leaves her home for ten years after the mysterious disappearance of her best friend ( Corinne ), who was last seen at the local fairgrounds. With her return to Cooley Ridge, another young girl who is very close in age to Corinne was at the time, goes missing. The coincidence is unexplainable as the story is told in reverse from day 5 to day 1. The book ends with an unexpected plot twist, leaving the audience with a truly unsettled feeling. The Motion piece shows a 35-second title sequence, followed by two bumpers that would be shown on tv or in between commercials, as well as the animated logo.