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Flora Award Gala Invitation
Monica Williams
Texas A&M University - Commerce

The Flora Award is one of Dallas’ most prestigious honors and has been presented in support of the Texas Discovery Gardens since 1982. The award recognizes outstanding citizens who have proven a commitment to community service, education, and the advancement of the environment. My idea was to have this years gala be a masquerade centered around butterflies, with the fundraising aspect directly benefitting the butterfly house conservation efforts. The materials chosen include metallic sparkle paper, a milkweed speckletone, light peach kraft tone, and a green seed paper. I also used recycled jute string and recycled sari silk as textural elements to tie pieces of the invitation together. The first two pieces of the invitation are a screen printed metallic blue envelope, and a screen-printed butterfly mask tied together with recycled sari silk. The sari silk ties together the invitation. The next piece is a duplexed invitation card with information regarding the event time, date, and attire as well as information about the mask. The next piece is a butterfly guide serving to inform guests about the butterfly house conservation efforts they will be benefitting by attending, and the final piece is the RSVP card made of seed paper, which gives the invitee an opportunity to take part in the conservation by planting their own butterfly garden.