National Student Show and Conference 18National Student Show and Conference 18National Student Show and Conference 18National Student Show and Conference 18National Student Show and Conference 18National Student Show and Conference 18National Student Show and Conference 18

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National Student Show and Conference 18National Student Show and Conference 18National Student Show and Conference 18National Student Show and Conference 18National Student Show and Conference 18National Student Show and Conference 18National Student Show and Conference 18

The National Student Show and Conference is two days (Apr. 13–14, 2023) packed with studio tours, welcome mixer, workshops, portfolio reviews, keynote speakers, discussion panel, selected entries gallery, and awards presentation to help students at all levels enhance their design education and prepare for the professional world.


For unabbreviated submission directions, please download and read the rules and guidelines PDF carefully. If you have questions that are not answered in this document, contact us at

Only Student Work Is Eligible

All entries submitted to the National Student Show & Conference (NSSC) must have been produced by a student currently pursuing an undergraduate degree at an accredited college, university, or art school. Graduate work is not accepted.

All entries must have been produced between January 2022–December 2022 as part of a school’s curriculum, with the exception of entries submitted to portfolio categories. Work produced outside of a school’s curriculum is not permitted (e.g. personal, freelance, or work produced at an internship).

Enter Only Your Work

Do not plagiarize. NSSC defines plagiarism (as found on as the unauthorized use or close imitation of existing work and the representation of it as wholly one’s own original work.

Any entries found by NSSC or the judges to be plagiarized will not only be immediately disqualified but the professor or school of the errant entrant will also be notified. Additional academic consequences may follow according to the school’s code of ethics.

Submit As Many Entries As You See Fit

There is no limit to the number of entries allowed per student or per school.

With the exception of the Group Projects category, you may also submit the same work in multiple categories as applicable (e.g. Ice Cream Shop Rebranding Project may have assets that could be entered individually into categories like Logos, Packaging, Branding Campaign, etc.).

Group Projects Are Eligible in Select Categories

NSSC defines group projects as any entry where 2–4 students were specifically assigned a project with the express direction to work together to create an end product.

Pay close attention to group eligibility in the Advertising, Interactive Design, and Motion Design categories. If the category description does not specify group projects, only single-student submissions are accepted.

Awards for winning entries are given to the submitting student. NSSC encourages the submitting student to alert their group members of the award recognition and leaves any sharing of the award money to the winner’s discretion.

Properly Credit Coauthors and Assets Used

Unless all assets in a submitted entry have been created only by the single submitting student, proper credits must be provided in the online entry form’s Credits field at the time of submission. Any assets not created by the submitting student that are used for the submitted entry must include proper credits (e.g. “Art Direction: Submitting Student, Illustration: Artist’s Name, Typography: Artist’s Name”).

NSSC recognizes that students may be tasked to use non-student-produced assets to create layouts or designs. However, the following limitations apply:

Any usage of non-student-produced assets (e.g. stock photography or stock illustration) must be credited in the online entry form’s Credits field (e.g. “Image(s) courtesy of”).

Any non-student-produced assets must have been significantly altered from the original asset (e.g. multiple stock photos combined to create a new image).

If your artwork uses images for collage manipulation or for editorial work that falls under the Fair Use provisions of the Copyright Act, please clearly state this in the online entry form’s Credits field.

Pricing and Online Submission for Judging

EARLY BIRD PRICING: $30 per entry through January 31, 2023. REGULAR PRICING: $40 per entry through February 17, 2023. 

All entries should be submitted digitally by 11:59 P.M. CST on February 17, 2023. No physical entries will be accepted for judging. No late entries will be accepted. Please follow the submission guidelines for each category carefully as these vary. Entries submitted incorrectly will be disqualified.

All entries require a title, short description of the project’s parameters, and a current professor’s name and email. For select scholarship categories, NSSC requires additional paperwork from you and your professor that will be requested by email (as noted in the category submission details).

Submit Your Best Work

You may submit up to 5 images per entry unless otherwise stated in the category submission details. If submitting multiple images, upload files in the order in which you’d like them viewed during judging. For additional security, you are welcome to include an order reference in the bottom right corner of each image (e.g. 1 of 5, 2 of 5, etc.)

All images will be printed on 11” x 17” paper at the largest possible orientation for judging. Please consider what view makes the most sense per category (e.g. a small grid of Logo variations, a mockup of a Brochure showing both the closed cover and open interior, etc.). Each image can be designed as you would a single page in your student portfolio.

Some categories allow up to 3 URL submissions (e.g. Advertising, Motion Design, etc). For website submissions, NSSC also requires a single, project-related image will also be required to serve as the project’s reference thumbnail image during judging.

Work Should Not Be Openly Attributed

Do NOT include your name or the name of your school in the online entry form’s Title or Description fields. Do NOT display your name or the name of your school in your work unless it is part of the design (e.g. senior exit show poster or self-branding). This helps ensure that our judges have an unbiased opinion when reviewing your work.

Future Submission for the Show

If your work is selected for the Show gallery, you may be notified with a request and specifications for a physical art submission or alternate digital format. All physical submissions are printed, prepared, and delivered to the Show at the student’s expense.


Feb 17, 2023

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Portfolio Scholarships

  • Apply to win up to $2500

What you need:
A body of work containing at least 5 projects. May include work made through December 2022.

Who can apply:
Students with sophomore, junior, or senior standing in their design program of choice.

Illustration Scholarship

  • Apply now to win $1000

What you need:
A series or collection (at least 7) of traditional or digital illustrations including, but not limited to drawings, pen and ink, screen prints, watercolor, collage, and digital freehand and vector graphics.

What can apply:
A full-time Illustration major or minor students with a minimum GPA of 2.5. Submission may include work made through December 2022.




New York, NY


Dylan Mulvaney is Design Director at Gretel. His expertise lies in translating core values, strategy, and voice into striking visual executions for clients like Vice, Netflix, Apple, and MoMA. He has been honored by the D&AD, the Art Directors Club, the Type Directors Club, and Fast Company.

Dylan has participated in a number of graphic design exhibitions, including Cooper Union’s Image of the Studio and the Design Lives Here at SF Design Week. His work has appeared in publications such as Wallpaper*, Surface, and Wired.

Dylan’s writing on design and culture has been published in Print Magazine, Fast Company and It’s Nice That. He has recently been a guest critic at The Cooper Union, The School of Visual Arts, and has been leading a design mentorship program between Gretel and New Design High School, a Title 1 public school in the Lower East Side of Manhattan.



New York, NY


Originally from Boston, I set out to Greenwich Village at 18 years old to fulfill my undergraduate degree in Communication design from Parsons the New School for Design. After graduating, I managed to find my early career footing at Union Square Hospitality Group, where I spent 2.5 years getting a second education and falling deeply in love with food and hospitality. A love affair that carries through with me today.

Like all good things do, that era eventually came to an end and I decided to spend the next few years immersing myself in design centered environments at Pentagram and Aesop, where I honed my craft and learned how to apply design principals to projects on a hyper-local and global scale.

These accumulative experiences (agency and in-house) positioned me well to ultimately return to my first love of food. This time at Chobani, working within a newly minted, in-house agency that had just gone through a notable rebrand. Here, I co-lead a team through the development and maintenance of creative packaging, campaigns and special projects. After 3.5 years, I continue to ‘breathe the brand’ alongside a group of creatives that are driven to provide better food to more people everyday. For that, I am extremely grateful.

On my own time I practice watercolor painting and landscape photography with my boyfriend, Logan. When we are not in New York City, we spend our free time in Vermont and Maine, skiing, snowshoeing and hiking with our dog Jeb.


Afritina Coker

Dallas, TX


Afritina is a visual storyteller who specializes in art, fashion and commercial portraiture. Her multifaceted approach to visual imagery effortlessly combines photography, styling, and set design to create interesting and meaningful portraiture.


Independent Practice

New York, NY

Portrait of Shira Inbar.

Shira Inbar is an independent graphic designer with an edge of motion, working at the intersection of entertainment, editorial design, image-making, and illustration. Combining digital technologies with traditional media, her work often explores themes of objecthood, maximalism, chaos, and pop. Living and working in New York City, she’s made work for and with Pentagram Design (team Emily Oberman), MTV, The New York Times, MSCHF, New Yorker Magazine, A24, Nike, New York Magazine, Rolling Stone Films, The Atlantic, among others. Her work has been recognized by The Society of Illustrators, The Society of Publication Designers, Art Directors Club, Stack Magazines, and International Motion Art Awards. As part of her practice Shira teaches a variety of time-based design courses at Parsons School of Design and Yale School of Art.

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